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47460 Tamiya Fighter Buggy Rx Memorial Dt-01 1:10 Kit






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Released in 1996, this buggy was first built as the Rookie Rabbit, which was virtually the same as the Fighter Buggy RX, except in name. The chassis for the model would later be designated the DT-01 and used for the Madbull and Mad Fighter.

It was often referred to as an entry-level car as it was ideal for those new drivers buying a car for the first time, because it came at an economic price and with the aid of the typically well prepared Tamiya Manual that came with the kit, was easy to construct.

The kit comes with Nylon/plastic and sintered brass bush type bearings that after a short while, when dust and grit get into them, actually abrade the metal cup drive shafts – if you are building this kit to race seriously these should be replaced by a full set of steel ball bearings. 

To drive, the buggy handled well and was sturdy enough to take beginners bumps and scrapes.


  • Overall length:390 mm
  • Overall width:236 mm
  • Overall height:138 mm
  • Wheelbase:284 mm
  • Tread/track front:205 mm
  • Tread/track rear:196 mm
  • Chassis type:DT-01.
  • Chassis material: ABS
  • Steering Tie Rod: 2 part
  • Motor: type 540

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