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Mig 7246 Av-8 & Gr.1/3 Harrier Acrylic Colours Set






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Acrylic Set for Aircrafts - 6 jars 17mL

High quality acrylic paints accurately matched to the schemes used by the United States Marine Corps applied to the AV-8A and the Royal Air Force applied to the Harrier Gr.1/3.

In addition to the usual green and grey camouflage, both countries painted some aircraft with a temporary winter white camouflage to replace the green. This unique option is included in the form of washable white paint applied authentically replicate wear and tear and easily. We have also added the necessary references to decorate the cockpit and landing gear wells. This set provides you with all the correct colours saving a great deal of time. These colours are accurately matched and slightly lightened to compensate for the scale effect. Optimized formula for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush, this set contains 4 colours in 17ml containers. Shake well before each use. Each bottle includes a steel mixing ball for thorough mixing. Water soluble, odourless and non-toxic. We recommend thinning with A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner, colours dry completely within 24 hours.

Colours included:

A.MIG-0024 WASHABLE White Camo
A.MIG-0047 ACRYLIC COLOR Satin White
A.MIG-0205 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-26231 (BS 638)
A.MIG-0206 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-34079 (BS 641)
A.MIG-0211 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-36270 Medium Gray
A.MIG-0212 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-26373 Silver Grey


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